Shoot Em up Update 2

For This week Shoot Em Up Update I will Show you new Features I`ve Been added to My Shoot Em Up Games.


The First thing I want to show you is UI in My shoot em up, UI Is Basiclly a User Interface Its show The status Of the player Health, Shield, And Many more For My UI Refferences I use from warframe They Combine the health bar and shield bar and Put it in the top Right corner.


Why do I choose Warframe UI Because Warframe UI is Simple and Easy to Put any Corner Also Its doesn’t take so many space. My shoot em up games have Damage Hit so if the enemy shoot you The health bar Will Decresed from 100 To 90 because My games is Refferences From  UN Squadron. For Example Damage Hit Like This gif the Game From Trespassers.


Damage Hit

I Add a Damage Hit in My Shoot Em up games so the player know How many Damage they taken or How many Damage the Enemy Get, For the references I use from the Division And From Trespassers when you Hit The enemy there will be a Number Flying and pop up in the Screen, Every time you Shoot the enemy the Color will change And also the number will Change Every time you Upgrade Your weapon.maxresdefault


The Color that I Use in the Damage Hit :

  1. White : Balanced, cleanliness (Basic Damage)
  2. Pink : warm, comforting
  3. Purple : physical, Spiritual
  4. Blue : Calm, Strong
  5. Green : Balance
  6. Red : Strong, energizing Color
  7. Yellow : Powerfull, Stronger
Health Bar


For my Health bar I use SAO Health bar, But when the player get hit from the enemy The health bar Will go down And the number also going down. I use Red color its because Its the Symbol Of Blood and Power. Example Health Go down.




I also use The same bar like The health bar, But when the Player get hit by The enemy bullet The Shield will Go down much faster. I changen the color of the Health bar too Blue because thats the Color of Shield usually use in games is blue Also The blue color is The Symbol of guard and Calm. Example:


Player With Shield

I also add a Shield On the plane I use thermal Shield like in Star Wars For the Refferences I use Star wars Thermal Shield


thepinsta-paranormalWith Shiedl                    thepinsta-paranormal

On the right is The player Plane with a Shield And on the right Its without the Shield, I just Copy the Plane then Change the color to Blue And Reduced the Opacity.

In Game Look


Health Bar

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